Jarvis Johnson For Congress
Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Less than 70 days ago I stood with my family, friends, and supporters in front of the Mickey Leland building to announce my candidacy to be the congressman representing the United States 18 th Congressional District. We chose the Mickey Leland building, because we wanted our race to be about the people. While growing up, I had the opportunity to work under Mickey through the Mickey Leland Youth Task Force (MLYTF), and I saw that he was about the people. We set out to empower and represent the people of the 18 th Congressional District, and we wanted to engage the people in the political process. With your help we were able to do that.

I would like to thank each of you for your support. With your help we were able to create a spirited debate about the issues important to you. Some of you picked up the phone to garner support, some of you contributed dollars, others volunteered your time at the campaign office or in the community, some of you gave in-kind donations, and then others of you helped spread the news via Facebook and Twitter. Your efforts are truly appreciated!\

I enjoyed meeting you at your neighborhood meetings, at your church, and at other places in the community.

The race is not over.

To my constituents in District B, I look forward to continuing to serve you as your city councilman. I will continue to be a work horse for you – championing your issues!


Debate Challenge & Jarvis Johnson’s TV Appearance Tonight!

We find it amusing this is the first time we’ve ever seen a press release from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee saying she is on the house floor “fighting for jobs and health care.” During this campaign she’s had every opportunity to stand beside Jarvis Johnson and debate and answer questions about why she has failed miserably in getting jobs created in the 18th Congressional District. She has ducked and avoided just about every opportunity to debate her opponents during this election.

Again we ask her to come and be held accountable to the people who put her in office. We extend yet another invitation to debate the issues and to answer for the deficiencies in her record. The House is not in session this weekend through Tuesday, March 2nd and we hope she accepts this challenge.

FYI: You can watch Jarvis Johnson tonight, Friday, February 26, at 9 p.m. on PBS Channel 8’s “Red, White and Blue”.

FUNDRAISER - American Menu Stage Play @ Ensemble Theater - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010

AS A GIFT TO OUR SUPPORTERS, TICKETS ARE NOW $50 for the American Menu stage play fundraiser at the Ensemble Theater. Call (713) 225-1616 to reserve your $50 ticket. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

The Women for Jarvis Johnson present an Evening at the Ensemble Theater Fundraiser for the Jarvis Johnson For Congress Campaign.

Featuring delectable Hors d’oeuvres and a Wine reception as well as a wonderful stage play, American Menu, by Doug Wilson Glenn and directed by Eileen J. Morris.

In honor of Black History Month, this play celebrates special moments shared by many at a time in history when history was in turmoil. It’s May 1968, shortly after the murder of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a month before the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Five Black kitchen workers at a segregated lunch counter are forced to engage in painful self-examination brought about by yet another senseless death in their town. Through passionate conversations, these women face the realities of life on the cusp of change. Jammed in a hot, airless room they must battle prejudice, poverty, ignorance and each other as they search for inspiration. Yet in the midst of this seeming endless time, they manage to find humor that helps bridge the gaps and reconnects them to their humanity. 

The admission for the evening:

Speaker of the House Seat: $250.00 per person
Majority Whip Seat: $150.00 per person
Congressional Seat: $100.00 per person

Charlene Ward-Johnson

Money Does Not Vote

DATE:           February 22, 2010

HOUSTON— When we launched our campaign for Congress forty-five days ago we knew full well that the incumbent, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, had close to a half of million dollars in the bank.  We recognize that our opponent’s campaign is being financed by those that want to “play it safe” and support the incumbent.  Our campaign is being supported by the people in the 18th Congressional District who yearn for a new direction.  Remember, people vote, not money.

Last November’s city elections once again proved that the candidate with the most money doesn’t always win.  Our opponent keeps dodging us and refuses to participate in many debates throughout the district where voters can ask all the candidates questions about job creation and eliminating the drop-out rate.  She even backed out of tonight’s debate at Rice University. Our opponent refuses to participate because her record on these issues is one of ineffectiveness.

Our campaign has been enthusiastically embraced by the voters.  This past week our phone calling picked up a tremendous amount of positive responses by voters saying they are supporting my candidacy and had already voted early.    We will continue our grassroots effort that we strongly believe will lead us to victory on March 2.



KCOH this morning @ 10:30 a.m. Call In

Good Morning! Listen to me live on KCOH @ 10:30 a.m. Call in, I want to hear from you! (713) 522-1001

Facebook Mixer

A recent Houston Chronicle blog said that “Johnson is a high-tech whiz who has harnessed the power of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, a blog and other web tools against the eight-term Democratic incumbent.” So, let’s celebrate at Beaucoup Bar & Grill on Friday, February 19, 2010

Early Vote Today - 2000 showed up yesterday - WE NEED MORE!

Today is the second day of early voting. 2000 people made it to the polls yesterday. WE NEED MORE. Grab a family member, a friend, and a coworker and take them to the polls to VOTE FOR A NEW DIRECTION. The polls close @ 4:30 - Go here for EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS http://ow.ly/18hjQ

Early Voting Starts Tomorrow - Don’t Miss Your Chance to Vote in a New Direction

Dear Friends,

Two years ago at this time, you, I and many other Houstonians put forward a herculean effort to help Barack Obama overwhelmingly carry the 18th Congressional District and Harris County during Presidential Primary.  We were driven to victory then because of our desire to see dramatic change in the leadership of our great nation.   My candidacy offers a new direction for the people of the 18th Congressional District.

We can embrace the new direction tomorrow by Voting Early.  I urge you to get family, friends, and co-workers to take the time and Vote Early.

During this campaign, I have been asked why I am running and can I win?  My response has been as follows:  America is a great democracy where the people are given the opportunity to choose leadership.  We choose our leaders by their examples of delivering meaningful services to their communities.

With your assistance, we can have a campaign where the voters of the 18th Congressional district can be provided a choice and elect a member of congress that will provide leadership in a new direction.

For more information on Early Voting you can visit http://www.jarvisforcongress.com/voterinformation.  

Thank you.